Rasta music and food in a Kingston garden
1 day in Kingston with 7 bands
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In 2015, we visited several studios from Kingston, recording artists acoustically during 3 days for the Jamaican Raw Sessions.

This time we wanted to focus on the reggae band movement with inviting 7 of them with their friends in our garden in Kingston to play acoustically and share the evening all together.

Earlier this day we went downtown Kingston to the Coronation market alonside singer Derajah and his friend Ras Kelly, son of legendary bassist Flabba Holt.

There we got some fruits & vegetables to cook ital rasta food for everyone.

Feel the vibes of that special day in Kingston with music from
Dubtonic Kru, EarthKry, Raging Fyah, Adahzeh, Uprising Roots, Pentateuch Movement and Rootz Underground, alongside your host Derajah.


Ital food

Acoustic reggae

7 bands

Watch 22 acoustic videos from 7 Jamaican bands.

Raging Fyah

Judgement Day / Nah Look Back / Ready For Love / Jah Glory + Interview

Dubtonic Kru

Overcome / Addis Abeba / 99% / Sunshine Girl + Interview

Pentateuch Movement

Going Home / Black Face / Crime

Uprising Roots

Skyfiya / Black To I Roots / Brightest Light / Steamers / Time / Trenchtown


Nah Fi Argue / Waiting For Me To Call


Revolution / 9 to 5 / Mother Earth / Strong + Interview

Rootz Underground

Rebel Vibration / Crisis / Corner Of My Mind

A few hours before

The same day we went downtown to the Coronation market to buy fruits and vegetables to cook ital food for the bands and their friends.
Watch the videos of the sessions preparation.

  • 10AM

    Downtown Kingston

    Derajah and Relly Kelly walking downtown Kingston.

  • 11AM

    Coronation market

    Ras Kelly and Derajah buy some Jamaican fruits and vegetables in the Coronation Market of Kingston.

  • 2PM

    Ital cooking

    Ras Kelly and Derajah prepared some ital food for all the guests.

  • 6PM

    Acoustic sessions

    Watch the videos of acoustic songs by Raging Fyah, Dubtonic Kru, Pentateuch Movement, Uprising Roots, Adahzeh, EarthKry & Rootz Underground.


Director/Editor: Jean Lenormand
Producer: Camille Monchicourt
Video: Franck Blanquin, Céline Monchicourt, EmmyLou Mai, Kevin Buret
Sound engineer: Teldem
Interviews: Angus Taylor & Veronique Skelsey (editorial assistant)
Logo: Matthias-Karim Avice
Hosted by: Derajah & Ras Kelly


Derajah Mamby, Ras Kelly Holt, Pentateuch Movement, Raging Fyah, Rootz Underground, Adahzeh, Uprising Roots, EarthKry, Dubtonic Kru, Rashaun 'Kush' McAnuff, Lloyd Palmer, Winston 'Bopee' Bowen, Ruel 'Pot A Rice' Ashburn, Kerry 'Gilly' Dyke, Joseph Sutherland, Patrice 'Q Soul' Pinckney, Kimberlyn 'Kimmy Gold' Goldson, Kadian Hamilton, Karissa Palmer, Chevanese Palmer, Tara Johnson, Aldayne Haughton, Kieron Cunningham, Kamardo Blake, Phillip McFarlane, Kevor 'Var' Williams, Shackair McQueen, Kino Newby, Brady Robinson, Deleon 'Jubba' White, Omar 'Jallanzo' Johnson, Andre 'J Militia' Stewart, Strickland Stone, Marlon Brown, Kumar Bent, Delroy 'Pele' Hamilton, Courtland 'Gizmo' White, Anthony Watson, Demar Gayle, Stephen Newland, Omar Francis, Colin Young, Erik Magni, Sarah Foughali, Cyril Legrain, Fabien Selles, Xavier Simacourbe, Mauro Sindici, Chikuma Tsuboi, Alexander Bonilla, Jeff Boto, Eric & Quentin Lenormand, Pierre Bussière, Luc & Mathias Guénard, Sherkhan, Paul Dixon, Ayodele Mamby, Phillip and Lorna.


Discover photos of our team.

Franck Blanquin

Photographer, Paris, France

EmmyLou Mai

Photographer, Kingston, Jamaica

Kevin Buret

Photographer, Lausanne, Switzerland